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"Innovation separates 

Demand Products from

our competitors -

it's in our DNA."

Demand Products has always been and will be an innovator. From our early days, 37 years ago, Demand Products developed the first portable hot wire foam cutter, the StyroCut15 and changed the EIFS Industry. The technology then, was mainly manual foam cutters which were limiting, and did not address all the needs of the foam industry, in particular on-site foam cutting. 


Seizing the opportunity; we developed new hot wire technology, introduced the Demand Hot Knife, invested substantially in foam recycling machines and computerized CNC foam cutters. The new XTR Pro series from Megaplot, being the latest addition to our Megaplot CNC line.


Today, we partner with leading tool manufactures to design and develop an exclusive line of hand tools–the first being the Racer Trowel Series. These new tools are designed for the EIFS professional, and utilize new steel technologies, advances in metal castings, handle designs...etc, and always consider the needs of the end user–the EIFS tradesman.


Demand Products is a recognized force in the EIFS industry. We pride ourselves on innovation, new tools and technology. Our EIFS line of Original tools,  includes our extensive line of:


• DuraRasps

• The Original PBH Washer

• Carve360 (a cordless hot wire cutter)

• The new Racer Series professional line of Trowels


Demand Products continues to be the first choice of EIFS Professionals.

Tools | Foam Specialization

EIFS - Stucco

Demand Products carries all the hot knives, rasps, fasteners, adhesives, coatings and more that EIFS and Stucco professionals need to complete any project.  98% of our products ship the same day when orders are placed by 2pm EST.


Flexible and Rigid Foam Cutting

Demand Products offers hot wire, oscillating blade, fast wire, and band saw solutions for cutting EPS, XPS, Polyurethane and Polyethylene foams and more.


Foam Recycling

Demand Products offers large and small scale solutions for recycling foam including heat densifiers and cold compactors for industries and municipalities.


We invite you to visit us in our showroom north of Atlanta, GA.

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